CPSI Cathodi-Clamp®

The CPSI Cathodi-Clamp® is now being installed by
municipal water utilities from coast-to-coast across the USA!

Solve Corrosion Problems on Buried Ferrous Water Pipe by using the CPSI Cathodi-Clamp®

  • Connects sacrificial anodes to buried water main piping using just simple hand tools.
  • Enables bonding across pipe joints to achieve electrical continuity.
  • Eliminates personnel safety hazards versus welded connections in wet excavations.
  • Proprietary “cutter bolt” minimizes pipe surface preparation.
  • Silver-soldered insulated lead wire ensures a secure electrical connection to pipe.
  • Customized copper lead wire gauge/lengths are available upon request.
  • Available in four standard sizes to fit both cast iron or ductile iron water main pipe.

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Solving Corrosion Problems Using the CPSI Cathodi‐Clamp® for Water Main Breaks


CPSI Cathodi-Clamp