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Implementing and managing a large water utility’s underground corrosion control program

© Copyright July 2012 – Journal AWWA, Denver, CO

“As water system facilities are reaching their financial life expectancy, the need to rehabilitate or replace water mains is increasing. In 2001, AWWA estimated that by 2030, US water utility systems will have to spend on average nearly four times as much per year (in 2001 dollars) to replace water piping that will have reached the end of its economic life (AWWA, 2001)…”

Assessing the Effectiveness of a Water Utility’s Anode Retrofit Program

© Copyright January 2009 – NACE International®, Houston, TX

“As municipal water distribution systems are reaching their life expectancies, the need to rehabilitate or Utility’s replace water distribution mains is increasing. This article describes the results of four years of retrofitting sacrificial anodes to buried cast iron pipe and is a Retrofit follow-up to an earlier publication3 that demonstrated how retrofitting cathodic protection (CP) anodes can extend the service life of water distribution systems at a cost that is significantly less than either repairing or replacing the pipe.”

Protecting an Existing Ductile Iron Water Main Using Linear Anodes

© Copyright January 2008 – NACE International®, Houston, TX

“A recent study by the U.S. Federal High- way Administration and NACE International® concluded that external corrosion of water mains can be effectively mitigated by the application of coatings andcathodic protection (CP)…”

Field Report – A Sacrificial Anode Retrofit Program for Existing Cast Iron Distribution Water Mains

© Copyright December 2005 – Journal AWWA, Denver, CO

“Public water utilities face a significant economic burden created by the deterioration of their water distribution systems. Applying cathodic protection (CP) can extend the life of an existing water distribution main system.”

Cathodic Protection for a New Ductile Iron Water Transmission Main

© Copyright October 2005 – NACE International®, Houston, TX

“In recent years, the corrosion of ductile cast iron pipe (DIP) has gained wider publicity in the water utility industry. The water industry, corrosion engineers, and pipe manufacturers often disagree about the most appropriate corrosion control measures for DIP. This article presents a case history of the application of cathodic protection (CP) to improve the performance of a poly-wrapped DIP water transmission main…”

A Sacrificial Anode Retrofit Program for Existing Cast Iron Distribution Water Mains

© Copyright May 2005 – NACE International®, Houston, TX

“Water utilities face significant costs from the deterioration of their water distribution systems. For more than a decade, Canadian water utilities have been using an innovative installation technique for retrofitting cathodic protection anodes to existing water mains…”

Making Sure Cathodic Protection Works

© Copyright February 1994 – Water and Engineering Management, Des Plaines, IL

“In 1982, a $3 billion expansion and renovation of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport began. Construction crews soon found that much of the original drainage and wastewater pipe laid in the 1950s had corroded so badly that some literally no longer existed. As the nationwide infrastructure repair and rehabilitation work gets underway, an appalling number of badly corroded water and wastewater pipelines, like those at O’Hare, are being uncovered. ”

Cathodic Protection Applications for Aboveground Wastewater Storage and Treatment Tanks

© Copyright August 1992 – NACE International®, Houston, TX

“Proper design and operation of cathodic protection is critically dependent on the condition of the tank’s internal coating and the characteristics (pH and conductivity) and degree of organic contaminants in the waste water…”